What To Do When Pokemon Go GPS Signal Not Found


Pokemon is a well-known real time strategy based game for Android and others. Now a day, this game provides an immense amount of familiarity to all ages and groups. This game needs internet connection with which you can able to locate the Pokemon in real. However, when you will play this game, one common problem get arises with you through this game. The problem is that ‘Pokemon go GPS signal not found’ is flashing due to error in GPS signal. This pop up is so much irritating when it comes in front of you in the middle of the game. After installing Pokemon Go, you always think to catch as much as Pokemon as you can.


Thus, the game becomes interrupted, when you will get this error in the middle of the play. So depending on this problem, we are going to show you come of the best methods to fix ‘Pokemon go GPS signal not found’. After launching this game officially, many users got this GPS problem in the middle of the gameplay. Since this is an online game so always, you need to care about the network and others signals properly. Let us have a look on how to use GPS in Pokemon and how you can sort out the GPS error in Pokemon as well.

How the GPS signal works in Pokemon Go?

If you are facing any problem related to GPS while playing Pokemon Go then you need to know how to enable GPS at first. By default, the Android device comes with GPS signal off so that it can easily save battery. Follow the below steps to start the GPS and make it work in Pokemon Go.

  1. At first, you need to open the settings of your Android phone and then scroll down to access the sub settings.
  2. Now locate the Privacy and Safety option from the list and tap it once.
  3. Thus, the Location option get open in your screen and now you need to open it.
  4. Press the location and make the toggle on. If it is already On then leave it as it is.
  5. Now choose the Location mode or method and choose the option GOS, Mobile network & Wi-Fi.
  6. Make sure that the option it turned on in your device.
  7. Now you are able to play this game as the Pokemon Go will regularly track your device using the GPS or mobile network or Wi-Fi as well.

This game always uses the location through your mobile data, GPS and through Wi-Fi network also. It helps the Pokemon Go game to access the accurate location while you moving here and there to find out Pokemon. Therefore, this is the primary way to just turn on the GPS in your mobile phone. If you find the further error then follow the next procedure given below.

How to fix the error, ‘Pokemon go GPS signal not found’?

Turn on the GPS in your device if you are getting the error ‘Pokemon go GPS signal not found’ then follow these methods now. You can also try many other methods from web to solve the same problem. However, here we will list out only the best-recommended methods to sort out this error in the middle of the game.

Quick Methods:

  • At first, you need to go outside of your room to get the proper signal from the free area. Hence, the GPS will easily locate your device and it works as well.
  • After that turn on and turn off the Wi-Fi for several times by standing outside. Turn on and off the Wi-Fi, visit Settings and then choose Wi-Fi and then toggle to On and Off. This method will works in all smartphones.
  • Next to it, you can turn on the Flight mode (Airplane Mode) in your mobile. As a result, it will reset the network in your device. For any smartphone users, this is also a good option to get the proper network.
  • If you are an Android user, you can go to the Settings and then About Phone. Now tap on Build number for several times for enabling the developer option. Then you can go to the locations menu to disable the mock locations.
  • Now for the iPhone users, they can Reset Network Settingsto fix the GPS issue as well.
  • Another way is to open the Google Map app in your phone and locate your current location. If this app is working properly then quickly open the Pokemon Go app to solve this error.
  • If not a single methods is working in your device then restart your device and check your phone is updated including the Pokemon Go app also.
  • Otherwise, just install the newest edition of the Pokemon Go by updating the Play Store app in your phone.

Other Methods:

  1. Use GPS booster App: You can simply install the GPS booster app in your phone by using its Apk file. After downloading the GPS booster Apk, you need to install it on your phone. To install the Apk file you need to visit Settings and then open the Privacy option to enable the Unknown Sources Now without any restriction you can easily install the Apk on your phone. After installation has been completed, open this app and check whether the strength of your signal is good or not. This system is applicable in your Android device only to work out properly.
  2. Reset the settings of Network:Next, you will fix the GPS error by only resetting the Network settings of your phone. You can open the settings and choose the Network setting s to reset it once. Resetting the network settings will surely work to fix the error.
  3. Turn on Location Services: Always keep turn on your location services whether it consume your battery or not. Thus the device get located by the GPS server and the Pokemon Go also track your location while playing this game.
  4. Reinstall Pokemon Go app: If still the methods are not working then you need to install the latest genuine version of Pokemon Go app from app store in your phone. Thus, it will surely work to play this game without facing any error in GPS again.

Is it possible to Play Pokemon Go without GPS?

The answer for the above question is yes. It’s possible to play Pokemon Go without GPS. However, the main point is that you can play this game without getting best experience. If you get connect with any network, it will help you to play this game smoothly without any interruption. However, without using GPS you cannot get the same enjoyment. Thus it is important to get connect with strong network while playing this game as always.  This game will provide you best enjoyment at all. But the game includes some disadvantages like rapid battery drain, crashing and many other problems too. All these problems really makes the users quite frustrated at all.


Finally, we want to tell you that these all are the possible methods to come out from this problem ‘Pokemon Go GPS signal not found’. If you love to play this game and getting the same error then use the above methods to recover your error from them. Hope you all get the proper information about the methods to resolve the GPS error in the middle of Pokemon Go gameplay. As we already told you that many other methods also available in web to resolve the same error. However, according to our user needs these are the best methods, which surely help you to resolve any how against this GPS error. Try to apply this solution to your game and suggest other friends if they are also facing the same error in the Pokemon Go game.


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